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Mahim Verma’s decision awaits?

Mahim Verma’s decision awaits?

Mahim Verma who was assigned as vice president of BCCI last year is set to resign after he won for the post of secretary of cricket association of Uttarakhand. He filed his nominations on 28 February and he saw Sanjay Gusain off competition.

Mahim Verma said He loves the Uttarakhand cricket team and he will improve the standards and his desire to improve cricket infrastructure and state board will work together as a team. According to Lodha committee’s recommendation, I can’t hold 2 posts and I’ll talk to BCCI about it or else I’ll resign my post from BCCI vice-president. After Verma officially resigns.

The Indian cricket board will hold up a fresh election after 45 days and formal IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla will run for this position and he should also satisfy the qualification criteria. Mahim Verma has -not officially resigned. He won by 18 votes against Sanjay Gusain.

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